Monday, 31 October 2011

American President John F Kennedy once says in his speech that "There is a organization who is above from law. He kills people for their purpose. He can kill his own people. He can build government without elections."
After few days of his speech John F Kennedy was killed. Who killed him no body know. Why he was everybody know. But government don't want to show the  about it. Anyone who open this chapter will be dead. Whenever this organization want to do a war on any country he create some excuses for it or it will be created automatically. He can gave it name of War on Terror or else.

are the example of this organization he can kill or torture people it doesn't matter he is Muslim or Christian. It doesn't matter that he is from America or any other country. He can kill anyone without Jews. American government is actually in the hand of Jews. Whenever anybody, if Obama do against this organization he will be dead.

The organization have different names Black Water, XE, Illuminati, Freemason or American agents. But there is big injustice in the world because of him.